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Owner-managed businesses

Throughout our history we have come to understand the nuances, opportunities and challenges that businesses face at different phases of their development. Time and again, this knowledge and expertise enables us to help owner managed businesses grow and thrive.

Shipleys LLP has a long track-record of helping a wide variety of business owners across many industries. We also specialise in a number of different sectors

Very often our clients are those where the owners are involved in the day-to-day running of the business. We regularly work with and support:

In doing so, over the years we have come to specialise in all stages of business development from start-ups to those where the owners are looking to exit or sell the business. 

A supportive business partner for you

Whatever the size of your business or industry sector, our approach is to endeavour to build up a good understanding of your objectives and priorities, regarding both your role and the business overall.

We do this so that, when combined with our professional expertise, our advice is relevant, practical and valuable. Because we get straight to the point with clear, jargon free answers so that you know what to do and when, many of our clients use us as a sounding board for both opportunities and problems. 

This is especially so with owner-managers who may not have in house financial experts, and it also helps us to keep our clients informed about issues and ideas that may affect them. We also provide information on specific issues and sectors to those we think will value it, and offer to introduce others who can help when appropriate.

The client loyalty we have experienced over the years stands as a testament to the success of our approach.

How we can help

Our smaller clients and newer businesses, who may not have a dedicated accounts person in house, often rely on us to help keep their business financial records accurate and up to date, so that they can meet the obligations imposed by HM Revenue & Customs, Companies House and others.

For some clients we run the payroll and complete VAT returns, as well as dealing with corporation tax and personal tax returns. For larger or more mature businesses we are more likely to carry out an audit or group tax planning exercise,  inheritance tax planning, or advice on maximising value and after tax return in relation to a sale. 

All business have access to our help covering areas including accounting, tax compliance, tax planning for both the business and its owners, corporate finance, corporate recovery and strategic business planning.

Our expertise and experience

We are very experienced at balancing the needs and requirements of a business, its employees and its owners. Although not strictly a business sector, owner-managed business which are often also smaller or medium enterprises (SMEs) form the core of our business, and we are therefore used to looking at the overall cost or benefit for an business and its owners.

Following the latest business developments to keep you current

We regularly follow all the latest legislation, economic, technological and social factors impacting on businesses.  We publish our Shipshape magazine each season to give commentary on the latest developments. In addition, we highlight changes in the articles on our website, on our social media pages and directly to our clients in our conversations with them.

Our Shipleys Business Club brings together business owners and advisers on a regular basis to discuss and share ideas on hot topics affecting businesses.

Can we help?

For more information about how we could support your business with its growth ambitions, opportunities and challenges, please get in touch with one of our team of specialists shown on this page.

“Shipleys continues to provide a valuable financial overview with an expert eye, which allows the directors to confidently concentrate their day-to day efforts on developing the business, in addition to dealing with the myriad of assorted issues involved in running a medium-sized successful business”

Giles Verity
Director, Stanhope-Seta Ltd
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