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Stanhope-Seta is a unique company which designs and manufactures test instruments, and has achieved unprecedented export growth over the last six years.

Based in Surrey and led by two enthusiastic, energetic brothers, Martin and Giles Verity, together with a dedicated team, the company makes equipment for a wide range of products, from jet fuel to lipstick, but primarily for the petroleum industry, Over the last 70 years it has become established as a leader in the field of quality control testing. The instruments meet international specifications and are found in every petroleum laboratory worldwide.

Giles says: 'We often take if for granted that our car's engine will work in all weathers or jet engines can fly an aeroplane to China for 10 hours at -50C, but behind the scenes the industry goes to great length to ensure a quality fuel, fit for purpose is delivered every time.'

Research and development is carried out in-house using the latest measurement technologies to provide enhanced test solutions. A recent innovation measures the cleanliness of aviation jet fuel using laser technology.

The company is closely aligned with industry requirements and has built up contacts worldwide through extensive international networking and a careful selection of distribution partners. Regular workshops, which keep customers up to date with new developments, are held at home and abroad.

'Refineries, pipelines and tankers work 24/7 to maintain fuel supplies, and to support this activity we particularly focus on service and reliability,' says Giles.

By implementing state-of -the-art lean manufacturing and a number of other efficiency measures, the company has reduced lead times and maximised cashflow to support accelerated growth.

'Shipleys continues to provide a valuable financial overview with an expert eye, which allows the directors to confidently concentrate their day-to day efforts on developing the business, in addition to dealing with the myriad of assorted issues involved in running a medium-sized successful business,' says Giles.

Next time you fill up at the petrol station the chances are your diesel of petrol has been tested by Seta instruments.

Shortly after publication of the original article, Stanhope Seta was announced winner of the Queens Award for Enterprise 2012 for International Trade. The Queens Award is the most prestigious business accolade made to UK companies and it recognises Stanhope Seta’s outstanding success in growing its international business.

Directors Giles and Martin Verity said: “We are proud and honoured to receive this recognition. It is a real achievement to receive this award in recognition of everyone’s efforts and the success they have brought.”

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