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We offer flexible payroll services for organisations of all sizes.

For some clients, we deal with just the calculations; for others, we administer the entire process - including employees’ payslips, issuing instructions to your bank, HMRC online filing and uploading pension reports.

We know that keeping abreast of the current rules and investing in systems to deal with payroll matters can be time consuming, expensive and, in recent years, has become much more complicated. We can ensure that your payroll affairs are accurate and dealt with efficiently and promptly.

Employers normally have to register a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and use it to deduct tax and National Insurance Contributions from employees’ salaries. Our payroll bureau set this scheme up on your behalf, and can work out these deductions and how much everybody must be paid.

The benefits of using our payroll service include:

  • Saving you time, allowing you to focus on what’s important for you and your business
  • Compliance with the relevant HMRC legislation
  • Increased accuracy of your PAYE returns
  • Avoidance of interest and penalties
  • No expensive licences or software to maintain
  • Resolution of staff and HMRC queries before they cause additional problems
  • Access to HR advice
  • Access to advice on tax efficient structuring of remuneration packages
  • Access to your dedicated payroll administrator
  • Pension auto-enrolment processing and compliance.

Whether you manage your payroll in-house or outsource, you must consider that with the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI), all employers must now report their payroll information online using a full payment submission (FPS) for each pay period. Every employee’s earnings must be reported on or before each payday, not just summarised at the end of the year. The system you use must also enable you to cope with your obligations under the new pensions auto-enrolment rules.

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