Why join our team?

We are a medium sized firm and every member of our team makes an important contribution.

You‘re not at the same stage in your career as everybody else is in theirs, and what matters to you is likely to be different from what’s important to some of your colleagues and peers. Our team is a friendly bunch at Shipleys and it’s a place where you can be yourself – finding your niche and making your mark.

Our approach

Our approach to our team is similar to our approach to our clients – very much based on individuals and their aspirations. Our size means there are options for progression into different areas of work – moving from an accounts or audit-based role into tax, for example.

Whilst the firm is very well known in a number of niche markets, overall we look after a wide range of clients so there is plenty of opportunity to build your experience of clients in many different industries – whether as a specialist or more generally.

We are also a founding member of AGN – a global association of separate and independent accounting and advisory businesses. This gives opportunities to form professional connections with your peers overseas through work and events.

An interactive experience

Roles here tend to be very interactive with more exposure to clients and others outside the firm than is often the case elsewhere. We don’t have many ‘back room’ roles. We aim to build on our professional expertise to provide proactive business advice and planning to our clients – helping to “make it happen”- providing an excellent service that’s worth the cost and which contributes to our reputation as a trusted advisor. People work hard when they are here, but we also do expect them to go home!

Strong foundations

The firm celebrated it’s 75th anniversary back in 2012. Our solid financial performance allows us remain independent and secure, investing in modern systems, processes and premises that safeguard our independent future.


In 2023 we were certified as a carbon neutral business by Carbon Neutral Britain. This is in recognition of the offsetting and other measures we have taken to make a positive difference to climate change. Find out more here.

If you are interested in joining us please look at our Opportunities and Graduate Trainees web pages.

To Find Out More

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Read about the career journeys and work experiences of some of our colleagues.