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Our Ideas Library collects together the meeting summaries from our regular Business Club in Godalming, which cover a host of business topics.

Harnessing the power of AI – the good, the bad and the chatty
May 22, 2024
Our May Business Club session focused on how businesses can make the most of AI safely and effectively.
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Silver sailing – retirement and exit planning tips for business owners
March 20, 2024
Our March 2024 session discussed how business owners can prepare for a comfortable retirement.
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How to ensure goals and plans definitely become reality
January 26, 2024
In our first session of 2024, Business Club members discussed how to keep the implementation of goals and plans firmly on track to success.
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Powering up your profitability
November 20, 2023
In our November Business Club, we discussed what businesses can do to be more profitable in 2024.
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Affordable sustainability for small and medium-sized businesses
September 20, 2023
Our September Business Club discussed what simple steps small and medium-sized businesses can do to be more sustainable despite the tough economy.
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Is the talent war over?
June 6, 2023
Our May Business Club discussed how employment measures could help to kick-start growth in the economy.
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Liberate your time!
March 21, 2023
Our March 2023 club session looked at time management and productivity.
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The evolution of employment
November 21, 2022
Our November 2022 club session looked at how the nature of employment is evolving and what organisations can do in the face of current challenges.
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The impact of pressure
June 22, 2022
In recent years most businesses have come to accept that they operate in a world that is continually changing. Our June 2022 Business Club discussed the pressure this brings and the effects this has on organisations and their people.
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Getting your business financially fit!
April 27, 2022
Business finances are facing intense pressure from rising costs and a turbulent trading environment. Our April Business Club discussed the essentials to bolster business financial fitness.
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The power of partnering and business collaborations
February 23, 2022
Collaboration and partnering are expected to be a key business trend. Our February Business Club discussed the essentials that can bring success.
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Succession Planning Essentials
November 22, 2021
Following the pandemic’s impact on trading conditions, more business owners are considering their succession and exit plans. Our November Business Club explored the essentials that go into a successful strategy for all the parties concerned.
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Gearing up for 2021’s Q4
September 29, 2021
Given the challenging year it's been, our September Business Club discussion focused on how businesses can end 2021 on a high.
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Considerations for businesses in the new hybrid working environment
June 22, 2021
As businesses prepare for the final phase of lockdown restrictions easing, some are using the opportunity to rethink what their post pandemic working environment will be like.
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Preparing for and managing risk in business
May 26, 2021
Our May Business Club discussed and shared helpful tips on how businesses can best prepare for and manage risk
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How to be proactive in uncertain times
March 23, 2021
Our March Business Club discussed what proactivity looks like in the current business environment where so much is unclear
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Wellbeing essentials to give you and your employees a boost in 2021
January 19, 2021
Our first Business Club of 2021 explored the importance of wellbeing for employers and employees alike
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How has your 2020 radar changed?
November 23, 2020
Our November club session discussed how business radars and agendas have changed over an unprecedented year.
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Converting the workplace to another ‘new’ normal
September 22, 2020
Our September Business Club session discussed how traditional workspaces will evolve this Autumn as premises adapt to Covid-secure working conditions.
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Drawing from the positives of the lockdown
July 17, 2020
Our Business Club discussed examples of agility and speed in reconfiguring to the new trading environment
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Making more of your business’ online presence
February 26, 2020
Most people are digitally savvy and automatically assume they can easily interact with a business online.
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How fit is your business’ purpose for 2020
January 28, 2020
What business purpose means in today's world.
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Unleashing innovation in a business
November 25, 2019
15 November 2019 Despite innovation’s importance many companies get stuck in their ways bec...
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Tips and tricks for start-up success
October 25, 2019
Despite the political uncertainty, the UK is often seen as one of the best countries in which to ...
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Engaging and motivating employees
September 30, 2019
20 September 2019 This was a topic we discussed in depth and with passion (!) at our September Go...
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