Hannah’s story

My career Journey

I began my career in a very reputable accountancy firm local to me at the time. I completed my ACA qualification in 2014 and was promoted to manager at that firm. Having been based in East Sussex for a while, I was ready for a slightly different setting and moved to London where I joined Shipleys LLP in March 2016 as an audit supervisor.

Prior to Shipleys, my audit exposure had been limited. Joining this mid-tier firm however gave me the opportunities I sought to experience all the different aspects of compliance and advisory work.  I also greatly valued the training I received at Shipleys, which further developed my audit experience and knowledge.

These opportunities certainly helped my progression. I was promoted to Assistant Manager after just 9 months. My career didn’t stop there either. 6 years on, and after several promotions, I became a Principal of Shipleys and a member of its Senior Team. 

Why I chose Shipleys LLP

I always hoped to work in the bright lights of London after qualifying in a small town on the South Coast. In doing so though, I knew that I didn’t want to go to a ‘Big 4’ firm. This is because I wanted to work in an accountancy firm where I would experience both partner and firm-wide engagement. It was important to me to be able to build my knowledge and expertise across a broad service offering.

I also wanted a great work-life balance what with moving to London for the first time. Shipleys LLP definitely delivers this.

It was scary moving from a small boutique practice with limited audit experience, but I’m so glad I did.  Moving to a mid-tier firm with approachable colleagues across all levels, really helped me to progress and quickly grasp that initial role as an audit supervisor. 7 years on and several promotions later, I have never looked back.

My advice to you

My one piece of advice would be to make the move, grasp it with two hands and enjoy it. You do not realise what you are capable of until it is presented in front of you.

Shipleys LLP has given me the experience, commercial exposure and a wealth of knowledge whilst working with the most incredible team. That continues to be the case to this day. 

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