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Property & construction

Our team of property specialists have a long track record of helping a wide variety of people and businesses involved with many aspects of the property and construction industry.

We regularly support valuers, consultants, planners, architects, surveyors, financiers, finance brokers, builders, self-builders, developers, residential and commercial owner-occupiers, investors, agents consultants, and even demolition contractors.

Our input brings together our technical expertise covering a range of areas, and experience built up over many years. We are often asked to help with special projects such as tax planning (including SDLT and VAT), and in the current climate debt and business restructuring, as well as the routine compliance.

Tax planning expertise

Tax planning for those in the sector covers a huge variety of topics and examples include the principal private residence exemption, trading vs. investment, the availability of entrepreneurs’ relief, partnerships and succession, inheritance tax, SDLT mitigation, capital gains for groups of companies and capital allowances.

In the current climate it’s especially important that compliance work is up to date and cost effective. HMRC are introducing ever more automatic penalties for those who are unaware of the rules or late in meeting them. Compliance areas include management accounts, statutory accounts, audit, PAYE, national insurance, the subcontractors scheme and VAT.

Supporting clients’ property issues

We find that property issues affect almost all our clients, not just those within the industry. The owners of a manufacturing business may own the factory premises and need help structuring the purchase or sale. A senior city executive may be a self builder for VAT purposes in relation to their new holiday home on the coast. For this reason, as well as having a team specialising in the industry, we have also developed property expertise across Shipleys professionals, often co-ordinated by a client’s normal Shipleys contact.

International property support

Through our membership of AGN international, a global association of separate and independent accounting and advisory businesses, our clients can gain access to local rules and practices across the globe.

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If you would like to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact one of our team of specialists shown on this page.

“We can’t speak highly enough of how much an asset Shipleys has been to us.”

Simon Lockyer
Commercial Director, Churchill Contractors

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