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Corporate finance

Our corporate finance team helps the owners and management teams of entrepreneurial businesses to manage the transactions that successfully take their businesses to the next stage.

Our partner-led approach focuses on delivering commercial advice to help our clients so they in turn create stability and gain long term value, whatever the economic climate. Through our highly experienced team and an extensive network of quality contacts, we help our clients to manage all aspects of their business growth and development.


Lead advisory strategic and exit route planning

Our team manages transactions at all stages. We have a long track-record of successfully helping our clients with the following.

  • Identifying and targeting the transaction that fits with business aspirations and business strategy.
  • Appointing and co-ordinating a team of advisers, managing transaction costs and expectations.
  • Structuring funding and helping to identify and secure financial backing.
  • Modeling transactions, assessing value and risk, and helping to identify synergy.
  • Negotiating with key stakeholders and counterparties.
  • Preparing businesses for sale or listing.
  • Ensuring the transaction is as tax efficient as possible.


Reporting and transaction support

We also support businesses with the following aspects of the reporting and transaction process.

  • Providing needs-focused due diligence and financial investigations.
  • Acting as reporting accountants.
  • Designing a business plan to meet the needs of both the business and the anticipated stakeholders.
  • Confidentially undertaking business reviews and viability reports for banks and other lenders.
  • Finding suitable non-executive directors


Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions only add value if they:

  • fit with the strategic plan of the business,
  • are conducted at the right price and
  • are properly integrated into the existing activity.

We help our clients to evaluate whether a merger or acquisition would indeed be a good fit for their business. The quality of our advice is based on an open relationship with our clients and a deep understanding of their aspirations.

Our advice takes account of economies of scale and access to new products and markets, as well as ‘softer’ business issues such as property requirements, personnel, branding, financial systems and change management.

The structured due diligence that we provide ensures that our clients have a robust understanding of their target and mitigate the risks associated with its acquisition. We make transactions as tax efficient as possible, both for our client and the other party (as many vendors tend to focus on post-tax proceeds).


Business Disposals

For owners looking to sell their business, we can help with every aspect of the process right through to final completion. Our services include the following.

  • Critically appraising and preparing the business prior to a disposal.
  • Identifying and assessing potential purchasers.
  • Valuing the business both intrinsically and to potential purchasers.
  • Preparing sales memoranda and managing a data room.
  • Structuring the transaction to be as tax efficient as possible.
  • Negotiating with the preferred bidder(s).
  • Providing commercial, accounting and legal due diligence to complete the sale.


Raising finance and flotations

As experienced advisers to growing entrepreneurial businesses, we understand the importance of a stable funding structure that fits with needs that change.

Economic conditions are variable and always present new challenges to developing businesses seeking funding. We work with clients to leverage our extensive network of contacts across leading debt and equity providers. We can help businesses with the following aspects of raising finance.

  • Assessing the form of capital that is best suited to a business.
  • Assisting with flotation requirements.
  • Arranging private and institutional placings of equity capital.
  • Reviewing and arranging credit lines, overdrafts or loan facilities.
  • Acting as reporting accountants for admission to regulated markets.


Can we help?

Please contact one of our corporate finance specialists on this page, if we can help with your company's growth and strategic ambitions.


Specific advice should be obtained before taking action, or refraining from taking action, on any of the subjects covered above.

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