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More and more businesses are now choosing to keep their accounting records in the cloud, using modern software that’s designed for businesspeople not accountants.

These software packages make it easier to manage and access your business records.  This not only gives you quicker access to key information when you need it, it also releases your valuable time to focus on the important things in your business. 

And digital record-keeping greatly helps you to comply with the latest requirements from HMRC and their online filing systems. 

What else can you expect by moving to online bookkeeping software?

Easy access

You and your team can maintain and view the business’ bookkeeping records securely from any device with internet access – so a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone etc. This means you could easily produce and email an invoice to a customer using your phone, as soon as the job is done or the order placed.  You could also photograph and quickly upload a receipt from your phone, at the touch of a button.

Peace of mind security

Your records in the cloud are securely encrypted and if you develop a technical fault with one device, you can still access your accounts by logging in on another.

Automatic updates and synergy across your systems

You don’t need to worry about backups as software updates happen automatically. Your records can also be linked to other systems and software you use to gain even more accurate management information.

Masters in many of the leading software solutions

There are many different online packages available.  We are Xero Platinum partners and can help your company transition from a legacy accounting package to Xero. We also regularly support other packages such as Quickbooks, Free Agent and SAGE.  In addition to this, we have extensive experience in a range of add-on apps, such as ReceiptBank. These help to make the process of keeping financial records smooth and easy.

How we can help

Switching over to online bookkeeping needn’t be an onerous task.  We can help you get set up on the software and customise it to your own requirements.  In doing so we can:

With your permission we can also access your records to give advice and guidance, or help you review your business performance and targets.  Having this access also simplifies part of our work, so you get better value for money and spend less time on compliance, if we also undertake matters for you such as your:

Can we help?

If you would like to streamline and make your bookkeeping and management accounts a whole lot easier, please contact one of our team of specialists shown on this page, for an initial chat.

“Shipleys provides detailed management information ensuring that we are constantly aware of what is happening financially within the company.”

David Greentree
Managing Director
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