Charity Update: Autumn 2021


Charity Update: Autumn 2021

This page was last updated on November 2, 2021
Our Autumn bulletin features resources to help prevent fraud in charities, the end of the annual return and accounts filing extension, new research on the effects of the pandemic on the sector and more.

2 November 2021

Take Action on Fraud

Following the Charity Fraud Awareness Week in October, a number of resources have been highlighted to combat fraud in the Charity Sector. Reports for the last financial year indicated that fraud had cost the sector over £8 million, with 1,059 separate incidents of fraud reported by charities in the year to 31 March 2021. 

The Charity Commission and Fraud Advisory Panel are encouraging charities to sign up to the Stop Fraud Pledge. Charities pledge to take six steps to reduce the risk of fraud in their charity.Find out more at Prevent Charity Fraud.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) are also providing free cyber security tools to registered charities to help tackle cyber-crime in the charity sector.  You can find out more via their website National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

COVID-19 filing extensions have come to an end

During the COVID-19 pandemic, charities citing COVID-related reasons could apply for an extension to file their annual returns and accounts with the Charity Commission. The Charity Commission have recently updated their guidance to show that the normal filing requirements now apply.

Charities must submit their annual return and, if applicable, their accounts within 10 months of their year-end.

COVID-19 Survey 2021

The Charity Commission conducted a survey to explore the effects of the pandemic on the sector.  In doing so they surveyed a sample of charities on the Charity Register.

The results of the research have now been published and show nearly all charities had suffered negative impact during COVID-19 whether in the areas of service delivery, financial or staffing or due to the impact of uncertainty.

You can read The Charity Commission’s research findings.

Autumn Budget 2021

The Chancellor’s second Budget in 2021 highlighted some developments that may be of interest to the Charity and Not-For-Profit sector, including cultural reliefs, business rates and the recovery loan scheme. This is as well as general changes that apply to all organisations. You can read our coverage of the key announcements in Shipleys Budget Summary.


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