Charity Update: Summer 2021


Charity Update: Summer 2021

This page was last updated on August 6, 2021
Our summer bulletin includes fresh guidance on gift aid and governance in the charity and not-for-profit sector. There's also a range of new resources from the Fundraising Regulator, plus clarification on using electronic signatures for Trustees Annual Reports, Balance Sheets and Independent Examiners Reports.

6 August 2021

Helpful SORP examples

Two SORP examples of Financial Statements have been published to illustrate how a charity can disclose the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the charity, its activities, income, financial position and use of government assistance. The examples are for:

You can read more at https://www.charitysorp.org/example-trustees-annual-reports

Gift aid

HMRC have issued new guidance which allows the waiver of a charity’s debt (such as refunds or loan repayments) to be eligible for Gift Aid relief. This is so long long as the waiver is clear and irrevocable and all other gift aid rules have been met.

Previously the funds had to be returned to the donor first and then donated back to the charity. HMRC introduced a temporary concession relating to the cancellation of charity events due to COVID-19. This has now been made permanent and extended to include loan repayments.

For gift aid purposes the date of the donation will be the date of the waiver and not the date of the original payment to the charity. A gift aid declaration will need to be obtained from the donor.

You can read more here

Fresh (COVID-19) governance guidance

The government have updated their COVID-19 guidance for the charity sector. The following sections have been updated:

Find out more here.

Fundraising Regulator publishes new resources for fundraisers and the public

The Fundraising Regulator, who recently celebrated their 5th anniversary, have published a range of new resources and guidance for fundraisers and the public:

Charity Reporting and Accounting: The Essentials

It certainly seems to be the season for guidance updates and The Charity Commission is no exception.  They have updated Charity reporting and accounting: the essentials November 2016 (CC15d), to include the use of electronic signatures on the Trustees Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Independent Examiners Report.

Unless a charity’s governing document has specific requirements about using handwritten or electronic signatures, a charity may use electronic versions of a signature. For example, this can be a typed signature or a scanned version of a handwritten signature. Read more here


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