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Here you’ll find our latest articles, insights and news.

autumn leaves on the ground and falling 2023 Autumn statement

The Chancellor’s 2023 Autumn Statement

An overview of the key announcements and their implications for businesses and individuals.
keyboard with a 'common mistakes' button

Common Mistakes and Misassumptions with Real-Time Information (RTI) Reporting

Over the past decade, Real-Time Information (RTI) has greatly improved Pay As You Earn (PAYE) reporting processes. Common mistakes and misassumptions can, however, trip up employers.
ecommerce on a phone with boxes

E-commerce transactions with the EU – fresh VAT implications

The EU has released fresh proposals around its VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) plans - potentially impacting those UK businesses trading in the EU bloc.

Useful Tools

We've brought together a whole host of practical resources designed to assist you in your life and business.
corporation tax rate rise implications - TAX in white in the middle with an orange background with pens, paper and other related equipment

Tax Facts 2023/24

Our summary of the key facts, figures and deadlines for the 2023/24 Tax Year, which has been updated following the 2023 Autumn Statement
End of tax year guide - purple background with red rocket in the centre

End of Tax Year Guide 2022/3

As the 5 April 2023 approaches, here's a simple guide to help with your end of tax year preparations and planning.
2022/23 Tax Facts and Rates - calculator showing tax 2022

Tax Facts 2022/23

Our summary of key facts, figures and deadlines for the 2022/23 Tax Year. This reflects the recent changes from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's statement on 17th November 2022.

Ideas Library

Our Ideas Library collects together the meeting summaries from our regular Business Club in Godalming, which cover a host of business topics.
profit dial high medium and low Business profitability

Powering up your profitability

In our November Business Club, we discussed what businesses can do to be more profitable in 2024.
animated graphic of green trees

Affordable sustainability for small and medium-sized businesses

Our September Business Club discussed what simple steps small and medium-sized businesses can do to be more sustainable despite the tough economy.
Is the talent war over? - image of a group of people

Is the talent war over?

Our May Business Club discussed how employment measures could help to kick-start growth in the economy.


Our publications include our regular magazine, Shipshape.
Autumn Shipshape montage showing preview of pages

Shipshape: Autumn 2023

Our Autumn Shipshape discusses ESG issues for SME agendas, the new audio-visual creative tax reliefs, new basis period rules, pension tax relief and much more.
Shipshape Spring 2023 montage

Shipshape: Spring 2023

Our Spring Shipshape discusses the corporation tax changes, transfer pricing, property matters, productivity, cryptoasset losses and much more.

Shipshape: Winter 2022/2023

Our Winter Shipshape discusses the implications from the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, the new VAT penalty regime, share options and much more.