Shipleys LLP launches podcast series


Shipleys LLP launches podcast series

This page was last updated on September 5, 2019

Accountancy and tax tips shared in new podcast series from Shipleys LLP

We are delighted to announce the launch of a regular podcast. It's been designed to share helpful accounting and tax-saving insights. Shipleys FM will broadcast every two weeks on a Thursday morning and is hosted by Tax Director, Dean Hardy.

Helpful insights for businesses and individuals

Shipleys FM will be covering a range of topics to benefit both businesses and individuals alike.  As well as latest tax-saving tips, it will also feature interviews with Shipleys’ clients and contacts who will share success stories, business lessons and wider issues which impact on people’s finances.

Different Shipleys’ specialists will also be putting in an appearance along the way to pass on insights and words of wisdom in a wide range of accounting, tax and sector-specific topics.

The launch broadcast is on Thursday 5th September and includes an interview with film and TV producer David Thompson.  It also includes the different considerations when looking to set up a business as a Sole Trader or Limited Company.

Host Dean Hardy – Tax Director at Shipleys LLP, said, “One of the things clients often tell us is that we explain and make sense of accounting and tax issues in a way they understand. 

Over recent years, there’s been a big rise in popularity for podcasts.  We felt there was a need for a series which shared practical tips and insight, as well as the stories and lessons from our great clients and contacts. Shipleys FM is designed to give people another avenue to access Shipleys’ thinking – in addition to the articles and thoughts we post online and on social media. Each episode will last around 20 minutes, making it perfect for listening on the daily commute.”

An exciting line-up planned

Dean Hardy added, ‘We have got a great range of themes and topics lined up over the coming months on Shipleys FM. These include a Charity feature, which includes tips on tax savvy charitable giving and has an interview with Born Free.  There’s also a Property Special and another covering insights when planning for your retirement.  I am really looking forward to interviewing all the specialists and businesses we have lined up.’

Episode One – Sole Trader or Limited Company?

One of the questions most often asked at Shipleys LLP is whether it’s better to be a sole trader or limited company?

For the first episode of our new audio podcast, Shipleys FM, our main topic is sole trader or limited company. So when is the right time to incorporate? What are the tax consequences of changing from being a sole trader to incorporating as a limited company? I chat with Michelle and Martin to answer these questions and more.

Our client interview in this episode features filmmaker David Thompson. David was the founding head of BBC Films, before leaving to start his own film production company, Origin Pictures. At Origin Pictures, David has produced films including The Awakening, An Education, and The Sense of an Ending. As he explains in our conversation, he also produced Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom, featuring Idris Elba.

We cover a quick overview of HMRC investigations; nobody wants to be on the receiving end of an inquiry from the taxman, so this segment is worth a listen.

Last but not least, there’s a catch-up with my colleague Mike Luckett, Principal at Shipleys LLP. Mike is responsible for the day-to-day running of Shipleys’ two tax departments in London and Godalming. As a former HMRC Officer, he is well aware of the procedure from the other side of the fence.

We hope you enjoy listening to our first podcast episode. Do also drop me a line with any questions or feedback you have, I’d love to hear from you.

Please subscribe to Shipleys FM in Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast player. And please share this episode with a friend or colleague.

We publish our next episode in a fortnight, where the main topic is tax-savvy charitable giving. Until then, thank you for listening to Shipleys FM.

How to find Shipleys FM

Listeners can access the podcast via the firm’s website page www.shipleys.com/listen or by searching for Shipleys FM in Apple Podcasts or their favourite podcast player.


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