Shipleys FM Podcast Episode 3: Property special


Shipleys FM Podcast Episode 3: Property special

This page was last updated on October 1, 2019

Episode Three of Shipleys FM shares plenty of property-related insights and tips. We also have a great interview with John Lanning, a Director of Headley Group Ltd – a group of local insurance companies.

Property special

In the episode I focus on various accounting and tax issues for property ownership and answer specific questions around owning a second property.

In addition, there’s a great interview with John Lanning, a Director of the Headley Group Ltd. John also heads up one of the group’s companies – Robinson Buckley. In our discussion he explains the growth journey and evolution of the Group. He also talks about the importance of local networking and being part of a vibrant local business community. 

John is a specialist in commercial property insurance and explains how his work covers businesses of all shapes and sizes – from sole traders through to major multi-site operations.  In doing so he shares anecdotes of commercial property issues he’s resolved for clients over the years


Should you let out your property on Airbnb?

With the growing popularity of sites like Airbnb, the podcast also explains the tax implications if you want to let out some of your property.


Trainee insights

And we have an interview with my colleague, Alexander Beck.  Alex is a trainee tax practitioner with Shipleys and is completing his professional qualifications alongside his work.  He also writes Shipleys’ Graduate blog and is one of the team answering questions from our website visitors on the site’s Live Chat. 

Listen to the episode here

We hope you enjoy listening to our third podcast episode. Do also drop me a line with any questions or feedback you have, I’d love to hear from you.

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Dean Hardy, Tax Director and Shipleys FM Host

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