Shipleys FM Podcast Episode 2: Charity special


Shipleys FM Podcast Episode 2: Charity special

This page was last updated on September 19, 2019

This episode’s focus is charitable giving and we have a great interview with Matt Smithers – Head of Marketing & Fundraising at the Born Free Foundation.

Charity special

In this Charity special our main topic is how to give tax efficiently to Charities.  I chat with Michelle and Martin to answer questions around giving to charity, leaving a legacy and other philanthropic-related issues, which clients often ask the Shipleys’ team.

Our client interview in with Head of Marketing & Fundraising at the Born Free Foundation, Matt Smithers.  Set up in 1984 by actors Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers and their eldest son Will, Born Free has become a leading wildlife charity.  It is opposed to the exploitation of wild animals in captivity and the Charity campaigns tirelessly to keep these animals in the wild and promote Compassionate Conservation.  This greatly enhances the survival of threatened species in the wild and protects natural habits for the safety and wellbeing of animals.

In our interview Matt and I discuss the history and work of Born Free, the campaigns and different initiatives its done helping particular species – such as tigers and elephants.  He also talks about the great work Born Free does here in the UK to support our native wildlife.  During the interview Matt shares fascinating stories and anecdotes and it was great to have the opportunity to interview him.

The podcast also features a quick reminder of the do’s and don’ts when accounting for staff entertaining.  A must-listen, if you want to use entertaining to give back to, celebrate or motivate your team.

And last but not least there’s a catch-up with my colleague, Hannah Hawkins, an HR Advisor at Shipleys LLP. Working with Melody Port in our HR Services Consultancy, Hannah supports our clients with a wide range of HR issues.

Listen to the episode here

We hope you enjoy listening to our second podcast episode. Do also drop me a line with any questions or feedback you have, I’d love to hear from you.

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