Shipleys FM Podcast – Episode 4: Business Special


Shipleys FM Podcast – Episode 4: Business Special

This page was last updated on October 17, 2019

Episode Four of Shipleys FM has plenty of tips and insights for businesses and their owners. We also have a great interview with Martin Bamford of Bamford Media who talks about both starting up his own business and lessons he learned from his family’s business – Informed Choice.

Business special

In the episode I share tax-saving and accounting tips businesses should consider before their financial year-end.

In addition, there’s a great interview with Martin Bamford.  Several years ago he made the decision to follow a long-held passion to create a media agency. In doing so he lessened his time as a Director in his well-established and highly successful family financial planning business – Informed Choice.  Martin talks openly about the highs and lows of setting up on your own and lessons learned along the way.


Tax efficient and environmentally-friendly company cars

With the environment very much at the foreground of people’s minds, businesses are questioning how best to move their car fleets to a more eco-friendly solution.  There are certainly tax savings to be had from electric models and in this short segment I discuss the tax implications of different company cars.


Understanding audit

And we have an interview with my colleague, Andrew Taylor.  Andrew is one of Shipleys’ audit team and in the interview talks about his work and what audit entails.

Listen to the episode now.

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Dean Hardy, Tax Director and Shipleys FM Host

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