HMRC offers online self-service VAT payment plan for certain businesses


HMRC offers online self-service VAT payment plan for certain businesses

This page was last updated on June 12, 2023
Introduced on 31 May 2023, HMRC is now permitting certain businesses to set up their VAT payment plan online if they owe less than £20,000 of VAT.

This is essentially a self-service ‘time-to-pay’ option which businesses can set up online.  It has been introduced at a time when many businesses are experiencing delays getting through to HMRC.

Time-to-pay agreements/ payment plans are used by businesses if they cannot pay their VAT bill on time.  The agreements/ plans have to be agreed with HMRC and enable the business to spread the VAT they owe in instalments.  This new development enables some businesses to set up a plan themselves through a dedicated online platform. 

Qualifying businesses

A VAT-registered business can set up its own VAT payment plan online if it:

Excluded businesses

Those businesses currently not eligible to use the new online service include those who:

These businesses still need to contact HMRC if they need to set up a payment plan.

Setting up the plan online

While this is a welcome development given recent HMRC delays, the tight 28 days payment deadline window is likely to be an issue for many businesses looking to benefit from using the service.

If you do qualify for the new online VAT payment plan and wish to use it, you will need:

The payment plan portal and more information can be found via https://www.gov.uk/difficulties-paying-hmrc/pay-in-instalments

Can we help?

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