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A2B Transfers

From A2B to global domination

Started less than a decade ago, A2B transfers has grown to become the market leader in airport transfers worldwide.

With experience of helping others to launch new travel companies, Renaldo Scheepers (CEO and Founder) realised there was an increasing demand for tailor made holidays among UK clients and agents looking for a simple way to put a value package together.

So, in 2005, aged 24 and with funding of just £20,000 he set up A2B transfers, providing individuals and travel agents with transfers from airports, harbours and resorts via water taxi and even helicopter. Then in 2012 the company purchased Resorthoppa UK from Lowcostholidays, resulting in a group three times larger in terms of total transaction value and profitability. Renaldo says turnover is expected to hit £40m this year.

"The integration of the two business was challenging from many perspectives including migrating technology to the same platform, retaining synergies, keeping staff and ensuring communication with customers and suppliers. We set ourselves a target of 100 days to integrate the companies, which we achieved and we're now the market leader in airport transfers worldwide.

Going global

Based in West Byfleet and with more than 100 employees global, Renaldo says the company is constantly striving to improve and develop its products and services and expand the range of destinations.

"We started off by only offering transfers outbound from the UK market, but in June 2013 we became a global business when we launched around the world. Our website is now available in 34 languages, giving us access to 60 markets, International bookings already account for 30% of our overall business. "

Resorthoppa, the arm of the business which services individual customers direct is currently undergoing a rebrand, which will be announced later this year. Also in 2013 the company launched A2B travel extras which supplies a range of UK airport hotels. UK airport lounges, UK airport parking and travel agents.

Discussing the secret to his success Renaldo says, "I am only as good  my management team. The key is to employ people smarter than you. My competitors may offer similar services, but the thing that makes my company better is the quality of my people."

Working with Shipleys

"Shipleys has greatly assisted us in a number of ways," says Renaldo. "In 2011 we were small enough not to require an audit, but that all changed in 2012. Shipleys did a great job on our first audit given that the two companies had joined together in a year. The accounting periods were of different lengths, the companies were on different commercial and accounting systems and A2B transfers had not been audited before.

"Shipleys has also helped us structure the company, removed risk from the business and provided us with sound tax advice. Shipleys acts quickly when we request assistance, which is important given the speed that we are trying to move at."

The future

"Our long-term goal is simple - global dominations," says Renaldo, "We want to be the preferred supplier - the Coca Cola of airport transfers. We'll do this by making sure we've addressed people’s anxieties around travel. including price, safety and reliability. Wherever they're going in the world, we want people to think of us."