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November 2018

Simon Robinson

Viewpoint: Simon Robinson

Do you know where you’re going to?

As I sit and type this the American electorate is going to the polls to deliver their critique of the first two years of Trump’s Presidency. Here in the UK the news is full of conflicting signals about the Brexit negotiations, with 21 November down as a marker in the sand. We’ve been there before though, I believe!

Nobody knows what Brexit means for the UK yet, but i tcertainly feels like people are holding off making investment decisions and updating their business plans. This has been compounded by the trading headwinds caused by current trade policy in the US.

Any deal, if indeed there is one, is likely to be struck at the last minute and that of course loomed large in October’s Budget. While tax revenues have been encouraging and the economy has been performing better than had been anticipated, it still isn’t clear whether the country is going to benefit from any Brexit dividend or suffer a financial ‘black hole’.

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