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Simon Robinson

Viewpoint: Simon Robinson

After the love has goneā€¦

In the unseemly rush to the 25 May GDPR deadline it was very easy to get caught up in all the ‘love’ being shown by all those companies still wanting to be able to bombard you with messages post the cut-off date (and if you’re reading this we hope you ticked all the right boxes to allow us to stay in contact with you!).

Now that the frenzy has calmed down, I can’t help but wonder whether we’ve all got the balance right on GDPR. The idea behind it is great, but are the obligations too onerous and complicated for business owners? Has the response to the legislation been reasonable and proportionate? How many smaller businesses are seeking opt-ins unnecessarily? Conversely, how many larger companies are still contacting people unnecessarily on the basis that they were customers a long time ago? The regulator has been very deliberate in saying that it is there to help businesses and will only be seeking to punish persistent offenders rather than those trying to comply.

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