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July 2017

Following arguably one of the poorest campaigns in British political history, we now have a minority government for the first time since 1974 (when we had two elections and the three day week!). Jeremy Corbyn surprised many with the late surge in seats won by his party, in part due to apparently firing up younger voters, with over 60% of under 40s voting Labour.

Theresa May ostensibly called the election looking for a strong mandate going into the Brexit negotiations. But by failing to get a majority, and putting the political landscape into chaos she enters the negotiations with diminished authority – and the EU knows it. While there is little appetite for another election at the moment, a fresh vote could be inevitable if she fails to take into account voices on both sides of the Leave-Remain debate.

Whatever happens, Shipleys will be following the twists and turns with a keen eye on the practical implications for business and personal finances.

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