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March 2017

Simon Robinson

Viewpoint: Simon Robinson

Two sides to every story

Recent events should remind us of the need to recognise that things move on and there is a constant need to adapt. On 9 January 2007 Steve Jobs announced that the first iPhone would be released later that year – can that really be only ten years ago?

Advances in technology have made science fiction become reality, changing the way we interact with the world around us and the way we do business. While society’s attitudes are still playing catch-up, ‘millennials’ (defined as those born roughly between 1980 and 2000) and their expectations are fast-becoming the dominant force in workplace culture and an increasingly important market segment.

By clinging on to some out-dated views businesses can suddenly look rather out of touch. Of course ‘modern’ will mean different things to different people and industries. As a ‘people’ business, recruiting, managing and retaining our best people is a key priority for Shipleys. We have traditionally recruited graduate trainee chartered accountants from reputable universities, but with more and more school leavers choosing not to go to university could we be missing out on very capable and enthusiastic school leavers or others who have valuable work experience and are clear about their career path? It’s also vital that, as employers, we all re-examine our attitude to our staff. Are we genuinely offering everyone a meaningful career and ensuring that opportunities are open to all?

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