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Bookkeeping in the cloud

More and more business are now choosing to keep their accounting records in the cloud, using modern software that’s written for business people not accountants. There are even adverts for cloud accounting software on TV!

These new generation software packages really do make keeping your business records a lot easier, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate on the important things in your businesses whilst keeping you out of trouble with people like the tax man. The way the software presents your financial information is so vastly improved that many business owners find they feel much more in day to day control of their finances – sometimes for the first time ever!

We think that bookkeeping in the cloud – ‘cloud accounting’ is the best choice for most businesses.

There are a number of different cloud accounting packages available.  We can support any cloud accounting package, we are Quickbooks certified and are experienced in other software providers such as Free Agent', but we are partnered with Xero and would recommend that to our clients.

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