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ISAs - Budget changes

Lifetime Individual Savings Account

From 6 April 2017 a Lifetime ISA may be opened by adults under the age of 40. Contributions of up to £4,000 a year may be made and any savings put in before they are 50 will receive a 25% bonus from the Government.

Once the account has been opened for more than 12 months the funds held plus the Government bonus can be used to purchase a first home or withdrawn tax-free from the age of 60.

Although withdrawals may be made earlier for purposes other than to buy a home, the Government bonus will be lost as will any interest or growth on this. A 5% levy will also be charged. The Government is considering whether withdrawals may be made for other specified purposes without losing the bonus.

People may still also open a Help to Buy ISA until November 2019 but will only be able use the Government bonus from one of the accounts to buy their first home. During 2017/18 those who already have a Help to Buy ISA can transfer the savings into a Lifetime ISA, or continue saving into both.

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