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Improving business cash flow this winter

This Winter has got off to a tough start for many. In this joint article with our friends at the YRH Finance Team we share tips on how to strengthen business cash flow and cash reserves for the months ahead.

Ground rules on gifts - inheritance tax myth-busters

Many of us want to give some of our assets to loved ones, but inheritance tax (IHT) rules can be confusing.

Support measures for businesses amidst the Coronavirus

An overview of the current measures introduced to support businesses affected by the pandemic

Coronavirus-related loans, grants and finance for businesses

A round-up of the latest sources of finance available to help businesses affected by the pandemic

Spotlight on pension changes

Changes announced by the government will have an important bearing on the amount of tax to be paid on pension contributions.

Pension contributions – the tax benefits

Here we explain the different tax benefits when it comes to making contributions to your pension.

Ensuring Our Service Continuity To You

An update on the measures Shipleys LLP is taking to ensure service continuity amidst the pandemic.

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is changing

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been extended in a fresh version until 30 April 2021

Supporting mental health at work

A guest article from mental health charity - Oakleaf Enterprise - on how organisations can support employees mental health at work.

Ready for the new EU relationship?

How to prepare your business for Brexit.

Are tax breaks a green light for more electric company cars?

With climate change and air pollution some businesses are making the switch to 'greener' company cars

Financial Services Update December 2020

Delays in the New Prudential Regime and Senior Manager and Certification Regime, plus preparing for Brexit.

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