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Crimson Tide : A rising Tide of excitement for the future

Luke Jeffrey, CEO of Crimson Tide, talks about running an AIM-listed company and how excited he is about its future.

12 August 2019

Listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange since 2006, Crimson Tide is the company behind mpro5 – a cloudbased workflow management system that operates on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Chief Executive Officer Luke Jeffrey says: “mpro5 is the latest version of the mpro business solution we first launched in 2004. It enables organisations to transform their business and strengthen their workforce by smart mobile working. It’s a full mobility service hosted in the cloud and is used in over 260,000 sites in facilities management, healthcare,  transportation and logistics.”

Luke started his career at Tunbridge Wells-based Crimson Tide, joining straight after leaving university as a database developer and support technician almost 13 years ago. He was later promoted to head of development, then technical director, before becoming CEO in March 2018.

Relishing the challenge
He says: “On any given day I can be involved in anything from corporate strategy discussions to technical innovation meetings, and even helping with advising on hotfixes and patches.

`I enjoy seeing our product making a difference to our subscriber base and relish the challenge of driving the mpro5 platform forward to ensure we are best of breed.”

Looking back, he says listing on AIM in 2006 was a major highlight in the company’s story, as was the 2012 release of mpro5 on the Android and iOS platforms.  More recently, biometric time and attendance modules have been added to the app, which means employees can use it to start their shifts through fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. But he adds: “Being a trusted supplier to clients who keep on renewing their contracts is a success in itself.”

Team at the heart of success
With Crimson Tide now employing close to 40 people across multiple countries, Luke says one of his biggest personal challenges has been “learning to be less involved in projects, trusting my team, and finding the right people to recruit”.

He continues: “I’m incredibly proud of our team – they’re what make the mpro5 service what it is today. They’re collaborative, open and hard-working. Finding new additions to this team with the right attitude, skillset and work ethic is difficult, but it’s something I’ve been working hard to achieve.”

Listing on AIM was a big step for Crimson Tide and one that brought new requirements. Luke explains: “As we’re a listed company, we need auditors with the technical expertise and ability to respond to tight deadlines.  That’s where Shipleys comes in.  Joe Kinton and his team keep us on our toes and are very professional in everything they do.”

Excited about the future
Of the future, Luke admits he’s “ incredibly excited” about the brand-new 5Things Internet of Things (IoT) module the company has recently developed. “The module allows sensors to integrate with the workflow application, and allows users to schedule jobs or alerts based on events measured by those sensors.  “We’ve seen great interest in CO2 and humidity sensors in office environments. There is compelling research that shows how productivity drops once CO2 levels breach certain standards. In our own office we’ve experienced a measurable increase in productivity since this has been actively managed.”

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