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Venture Pilot

Venture Pilot helps businesses in the 'hi-tech' space with everything from the nuts and bolts of business operations to guiding firms through the maze of corporate finance and ultimately delivering an 'exit' to investors and founder members. Chairman Peter Richards explains 'People have had to go back to the fundamentals.  It's the same principles for most businesses.  Whether you make software systems or manufacture pegs, it's all about your operations, selling and cash collection. You only get growth by getting new customers and new revenue and you have to make sure it's profitable as soon as possible.

Venture Pilot works with international hi-tech companies with high potential for growth.  They aim to improve operations to make them more attractive, for example for a trade sale. 'We help make businesses stronger by really polishing their fundamentals for them. Our advice to clients is to operate the business as though they are selling tomorrow.  They should know the position of their cash, sales and operations at all times'

Peter explains that a decade ago, the firm's main area of business was centred on giving a platform to US software business coming to the UK.  Now the firm focuses on UK and pan-European expansion, and recently launched Hatch Incubator specifically for this purpose. 'We encourage companies to come and set up in London and expand from here into Europe.  Hatch is almost like a midwifery service, giving new entrants to the UK market a springboard into Europe.  You concentrate on your business and we do everything else'

Hatch provides a service across all key business areas including strategy, financial planning, marketing and sales, legal and general management. 'We handle local regulatory and finance-related requirements as part of the service, enabling the business to concentrate on growth and expansion.'
The firm has access to a range of business support services designed to improve the success of start up stage companies.  Hatch has a strategic partnership with Shipleys for the provision of a raft of financial services.

'Venture Pilot are not chartered accountants but we wanted to offer that service out of the box as well. 'We needed an auditor that we could work with who could provide the full range of services.  Shipleys is a good auditor, known in the city and well known for its entrepreneurial spirit.  So we got them on board and now we use their services as part of Hatch Incubator.  We'll be working together on a case by case basis'