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Nancy Cruickshanks appointed Chair of AGN Europe

Nancy Cruickshanks has been elected chair of the Board of AGN Europe Ltd which oversees the activities of the European Region of AGN International. She will also make representions on behalf of The European Region of AGN to the board of AGN international which comprises representatives from the 5 operating regions; North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and West Asia & Africa.

Her appointment reflects our longstanding support of and active involvement in AGN and the European Region in particular. As chair of AGN Europe's taxation task force, Nancy co-ordinates the efficient preparation of AGNs annual tax surveys. She has recently co-ordinated European members contributions to a new Lexis Nexis publication which will cover VAT (and other similar taxes) in the EU member states, and other countries such as China and Turkey. This publication will be a prestigious achievement for AGN and is due for release this summer.

Nancy's election reflects the high regard in which she is held by other AGN members and her valuable work on the tax surveys and the Lexis Nexis publication.