Chartered Accountants and Professional Business Advisers

Planning and time management

We all probably agree that planning to some extent is a good idea, whether for our life and career or simply to better carry out the functions of our jobs.

The benefits can include

  1. Increased ability to tackle more difficult tasks
  2. Less frantic and stressed
  3. Ability to take on management duties
  4. Fewer mistakes and better results at work and in private life
  5. Improved organisation of our own work
  6. Finishing tasks with less wasted time
  7. Better results
  8. Greater work satisfaction
  9. Higher motivation
  10. Less pressure to work and succeed

A planning process

Despite these advantages, many people fail to plan. Here is one process to help tackle this:

  1. Goals: How to plan your life and career. The big picture, not detailed tasks.
  2. Planning: How to prepare to carry out tasks. How will you spend time on what rewards most / achieve results in minimum time?
  3. Decision making: Energy, time and prospective tasks. How can you be effective - doing the right job right not just efficient doing any job right?
  4. Implementation: Taking charge of your daily activities. How can you maximise your output on your agenda? (Avoid interruptions / distractions)
  5. Control: Successful implemetation of your plan. How to monitor your progress and initiate corrections.
  6. Smarter working. How to deal with meetings, reading, visitors, emails, telephone calls and correspondence etc.

The stages are considered in more detail in our Planning and time management handout.